Cheese wedges
May 23, 2016

Natural Cheese Stocks at Record High for Month of April

 |  By: Jim Dickrell

The United States Department of Agriculture reported that natural cheese stocks are at a record high for the month of April. And that’s after 100 years of record keeping, says USDA.

Total natural cheese stocks stand at 1.2 billion lb., up 2% over March and 12% over April 2015.

American cheese stocks are up 2% over last month, and 15% over a year ago. Swiss is at similar levels of last month, but 2% higher than a year ago. And other natural cheese varieties are up 2% over March and 8% over a year ago.

Butter is also very much in abundance, with 298 million lb. in storage. That’s up 23% from March, and 28% from a year ago.

Read the full report here. Chart source: University of Wisconsin

Chart of cheese stocks