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November 26, 2019

New Crop Corn Silage Milking Poorly

 |  By: Jim Dickrell

Some dairy farmers in the Midwest and Northeast are seeing drops of 5 to 8 lb of milk per cow per day as they tap into new crop forages, especially corn silage, reports Mark Linzmeier, president of MARGINSMART. Components, however, are up.

“It is still early in the process and nutritionists are still balancing rations and making adjustments, and corn silage is still fermenting,” he notes.

If there is any good news, component prices are strong, with advanced prices for December at $2.32/lb of butterfat and $4/lb for protein.

“This means that protein is crucial,” says Linzmeier. “At 40₵ for every tenth of a percentage [point], that equates to the equivalent of over 2 pounds of milk equivalent per tenth. 

“While not as impressive, every tenth of butterfat percentage is also worth about 1.2 pounds of ‘as is’ milk,” he says.

The critical thing moving forward will be to continue to test forages as they go through fermentation and then balance rations carefully to optimize both milk volume and component production.

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