Milk tankers.
May 10, 2018

Northeast Poised to Begin Milk Dumping

 |  By: Jim Dickrell

Vermont Public Radio is reporting the Northeast is again poised to begin dumping milk. The reason: Too much production and not enough processing capacity. Lower fluid milk sales also aren't helping.


While production increases in the region have slowed, Federal Milk Marketing Order pool volume in 2017 in the Northeast was still running 1.4% above 2016.


At this point, there is no estimate of the amount of milk that will have to be dumped. Agri-Mark had to dump some skim milk this spring because a dryer at its West Springfield, Mass. plant went down, and the co-op had no way to process leftover skim milk.


Earlier this year, Land O’Lakes requested that farmers be allowed to dump milk on their farms and still be paid for it. Erik Rasmussen, Market Administrator of the Northeast Federal Milk Marketing Order granted the request and is allowing the practice through July 1, 2018.


Last year, about 170 million pounds of milk was dumped in the Northeast market, up from 119 million pounds from 2016.