Milk swirl
December 20, 2016

November Milk Production Up Another 2.4%

 |  By: Jim Dickrell

The United States Department of Agriculture reported this afternoon that November milk production surged 2.4% over year-earlier production, and that cow numbers are up 17,000 head over last November. U.S. cow numbers also climbed an estimated 4,000 head over October, 2016.

California reported its second straight month of production increases, preceded by 22 months of decline. The increase was barely positive, however, at 0.2%. Cow numbers in the Golden State are still 11,000 head below where they were a year ago, so the production jump came from more milk per cow.

Wisconsin, the #2 dairy state, was up 2.2% in milk production. Cow numbers declined as estimated 3,000 head, but milk per cow was up 45 lb. Idaho posted a 3.6% jump in milk production, with cow numbers up 12,000 head. New York was up 4.4%, and Pennsylvania, up 2.5%.

In terms of percentage gain, Kansas was up the most, at 11.6%. But Texas also showed a 11.4% increase. Michigan, despite a less than stellar milk price, was up 5.3% and cows numbers were up 12,000 head. South Dakota was up 5%, with cow numbers up 5,000.

In total, the 23 major dairy states were up 2.6% in milk production, and cow numbers climbed 33,000 head over a year ago and up 4,000 over October 2016.  Milk per cow in these states averaged 1,851 lb., the highest level since the statistical series on the 23 states began in 2003.

Read the complete November milk production report here.