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July 15, 2016

One-Sentence Machinery Market Outlook

 |  By: Anna-Lisa Laca

Despite extreme volatility in the grain markets, machinery sales have remained stronger than anticipated this year, according to Greg "Machinery Pete" Peterson. 

“Honestly [I’m] a little bit surprised the first half of 2016,” Peterson told U.S. Farm Report Host Tyne Morgan. “I"m surprised at the price strength we’re seeing at auctions across the country.”

How might the farm machinery market be described in one sentence? Here's what Peterson, along with Matt Raasch and Jon Carlos, both of AgriVision Equipment, said: 

“I like the phrase ‘cautiously optimistic’ because that is what our data is showing."--Greg "Machinery Pete" Peterson

“[Trending] positively, I think is our outlook moving through the end of the year.” --Matt Raasch, used equipment manager, AgriVision Equipment

“I think we’ll get back to more traditional selling cycles which will correlate to knowing post-harvest where we end coming tax time and CPA time.”--Jon Carlos, director of sales, AgriVision Equipment

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