March 1, 2019

Parlor Talk: What Are Your Thoughts on the Farmer's Role in Cannabis?

 |  By: Wyatt Bechtel

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The 2019 Farm Journal Cannabis in U.S. Agriculture Study surveyed farmers and dairy producers to gauge their interest in growing cannabis. Some of thoughts were shared in the latest issue of Farm Journal's Milk via the Parlor Talk section. 

Here are a few of the producers' comments with supportive thoughts in green and opposing views in blue:

Cannabis verbatims from parlor talk

Below are some further comments that did not make it into the latest edition of MILK's Parlor Talk: 


  • If all farmers planted it we could drive the price down to where it would be reasonable for anybody needing medical help.
  • If it is legal and there is a demand for it, why not? I think the ethics of using land in the production of cannabis versus food is mute since corn based ethanol production is more or less accepted.
  • Legalize it, tax it, and let’s get this country out of debt. Let’s give family farms another tool in keeping the farm around for future generations.
  • It's up to the individual farmer to decide what is right for them.
  • If it is safe and adds value then I favor farmers being able to choose.
  • Acreage should be regulated otherwise farmers will grow more than market will consume.
  • Farmers need to be licensed like tobacco farmers with contracts in place. The market place needs strict regulation so things like fungus and carcinogens aren’t present and causing more health problems in the future.
  • Hemp was once a common fiber product and vital the agriculture economy. In these times diversification farmers need and the economy can use the fiber products.
  • If it becomes a common crop, why shouldn't farmers take advantage of the possibility of another crop?


Yes to Hemp, No to Marijuana  

  • Farmers should be able to grow industrial hemp, not cannabis for recreational use.
  • Like most things it has both good and bad uses. I do not trust the government to control it. Non-THC is the only form that should be allowed.



  • Should not be done, period. Farmers should be involved in growing healthy products for consumption as well as corn or soy for ethanol or biodiesel to help us be more energy independent, not something to add to our growing drug problem.
  • I think it’s a scam. In the first place it wouldn’t take many acres for medical use. Industrial hemp has been raised in the past in my area. Wouldn’t take many acres for that either.


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