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February 27, 2018

Plains States Show Largest Milk Production Growth in Past Five Years

 |  By: Jim Dickrell

The Plains States, from South Dakota to Texas but with the exception of Oklahoma, showed some of the largest milk production gains over the past five years, according to analysis by economists at the Central Milk Marketing Order.

This suggests climate and low human population are attracting new dairy operations away from more traditional dairy areas in the Midwest, Northeast and California. These states grew production at three and four times the rate of the national average of 7.4% since 2012.

South Dakota and Colorado grew milk production by 30% or more in the past five years; Kansas, Texas and Nebraska all grew their milk production by at least 20%. Iowa grew milk production about 15%. Outside this zone, Michigan and Georgia grew milk production exceeding 20%. 

The greatest milk production declines came in Arkansas, Alabama and Mississippi, all declining more than 30%. Louisiana and West Virginia dropped more than 20%, and Oklahoma, Tennessee and Missouri declined more than 15%.

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