July 4, 2019

Positive Support for fairlife, Fair Oaks

 |  By: Mike Opperman

When videos were released showing animal abuse at Fair Oaks Farms, the response was swift both in support of and in opposition to Fair Oaks and fairlife. While Mike and Sue McCloskey, owners of Fair Oaks Farms, were proactive in their response to the undercover activity, many felt compelled to weigh in on the situation and voice their opinion. 

We received several comments in direct response to articles and also through social media regarding the situation. We've listed a few of those comments below:

  • “As a former employee of the dairy industry doing the exact job shown in these videos calf care, I stand by Fair Oaks Farms.”
  • “I buy two bottles a week because it’s a superior product made by one of the finest gentlemen in the dairy business. Mike McCloskey is a great entrepreneur, and I will not stand for animal rights activists trying to shut down a blessing like fairlife milk.”
  • “I am doing more than boycotting, I am protesting and making fliers to spread the word on the atrocities that fairlife and Fair Oaks who are also joined to Coca-Cola have done. I believe that fairlife and Fair Oaks are done. At least that’s what I hope to help accomplish.”
  • “ARM is a completely vegan company, they do not believe in drinking milk or eating dairy period. So of course, they would try to target and bash one of the nation’s largest farms.”
  • “ARM used the same tactic at a respected dairy in Okeechobee, Fla. Film hours of planted abuse over a month’s time, make a marketable product ready for the press and sell it to your highest bidder. Usually the local news which has a troubleshooter segment will purchase the ready-made product. If you do look at the edited-out versions you will notice the herd health looks better than the described treatment would otherwise allow. Criminal.”
  • “If the animal activist that shot the video at Fair Oaks Farms was really interested in animal welfare, they would have gone to the farm owner and shared it with them. But no, they released it first. Their real goal is to do away with animal agriculture.”

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