April 9, 2018

Robots Bring Freedom

 |  By: Mike Opperman

Like thousands of dairy farmers, Bill and Carol Shuler were tied to their cows. On their dairy near Baroda, Mich., they spent decades milking cows and doing chores, 365 days each year. There small herd didn't allow for hired labor, so there were no vacations, missed family events, lost time.

In an article that appears on, Bill and Carol describe how a decision to add a robot to their operation changed their lives. With their sons Billy and Wyatt now back on the farm, Bill and Carol now have time to explore other things, including new business opportunities. 

The Shuler's opened their farm up for tours, the dairy is open every afternoon. They charge $5 per person, and there is ice cream available. Shuler says the kids love the cows, and the parents are amazed by the robots. Visit their website here

To learn more about the Shuler story, visit here or listen to the NPR interview below.