June 2, 2017

Secretary Perdue Comments on Climate Change

 |  By: Mike Opperman

Thursday President Trump pulled out of the Paris climate agreement. While some applaud the decision--especially the oil and coal industries that stand to benefit the most--there are obvious opponents. Some feel the move away from the climate change accord could hamper the nation's competitive position on renewable resources. 

Certainly the environment, and subsequently climate change, is critically important to agriculture. Secretary Perdue released a statement regarding the President's announcement:

“President Trump promised that he would put America first and he has rightly determined that the Paris accord was not in the best interests of the United States.  In addition to costing our economy trillions of dollars and millions of jobs, the accord also represented a willful and voluntary ceding of our national sovereignty.  The agreement would have had negligible impact on world temperatures, especially since other countries and major world economies were not being held to the same stringent standards as the United States.

“The Earth’s climate has been changing since the planet was formed – on this there is no disagreement.  At USDA, we rely on sound science and we remain firmly committed to digging ever deeper into research to develop better methods of agricultural production in that changing climate.  Floods, droughts, and natural disasters are a fact of life for farmers, ranchers, and foresters.  They have persevered in the past, and they will adapt in the future - with the assistance of the scientists and experts at USDA.  To be effective, our research and programs need to be focused on finding solutions and providing state-of-the-art technologies to improve management decisions on farm and on forest lands.”