Milk trucks
April 10, 2017

Is The Spring Flush Here?

 |  By: Know Your Market

With Easter just a week away, orders for dairy products have begun to fade as we prepare for the balance of the spring season. However, at odds with that is the rising tide of milk production as we prepare for what is affectionately known as the Spring Flush.

Looking at the many different regions in the country, milk production has been rising in each of them except for Arizona. There dairy farmers report milk outputs peaked early in March and have already been coming out of the flush.

Producers in California report that the flush is upon them. Idaho and Utah, which were impacted by floods last month, are also reporting higher milk volumes. Throughout the New England states, seasonally heavy milk intakes are also being reported.

In the Midwest, advancing milk production, which is normal for this time of the year, is being compounded by the fact that a regional processor had to back away from purchasing milk from some of its producers due to tightening trade restrictions in Canada. Spot loads are already trading $1.50 to $5 under class, so the race is on to find the added capacity to absorb this milk.

That said, cheese producers in the Midwest are already reporting 7-day work weeks, so much of the milk production in play is already finding its way to the vat. In the West, Spring Flush volumes are finding their way to the drier.