Milk tankers
May 21, 2016

Spring Milk Dumping Begins in Northeast

 |  By: Jim Dickrell

Some 450 tankers of skim milk (22.6 million pounds) have been dumped in the Northeast in April, according to the Federal Order #1 Bulletin.

That compares to 5.9 million pounds dumped in March, and 5.4 million pounds dumped in April 2105. Farmers were paid the full value of the milk that had to be dumped.

“Only a very small portion of this volume was reported as raw milk dumped at farms, and that was the result of extended plant unloading delays (impacted by excessive milk volumes) delaying farm pickup trucks from returning to routes prior to the next day’s milking,” states the report.

“The majority of the reported dumped milk was picked up at farms, delivered to a plant where the cream was processed and removed, and the residual skim milk dumped due to lack of plant processing capacity.”

The Northeast Order reported Class IV volumes were at a record high in April, and were 47% higher than the average Class IV April volume over the past 16 years.

The Mideast Order, which includes Michigan, Indiana, Ohio and western Pennsylvania, has not reported any milk dumping thus far.