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September 8, 2017

Strict Immigration Enforcement Would Devastate New York Ag

 |  By: Jim Dickrell

An analysis by Farm Credit East of what would happen if the Federal government moves toward strict immigration enforcement and deportation of illegal workers suggests that nearly 1,100 New York Farms would either go out of business or significantly reduce operations.

In a story published yesterday by North Country Public Radio, strict enforcement would devastate Empire State agriculture. But the story also acknowledges such results are a worst-case scenario.

Nevertheless, Farm Credit East estimates strict enforcement could reduce ag output by 24%, or $1.37 billion. Nearly 1 million acres of cropland would potentially go out of production or be converted to non-ag use.

The secondary impact could reduce non-farm economic activity by $7.2 billion. Nearly 22,000 on-farm jobs could be eliminated, which in turn could impact more 23,000 off-farm jobs in ag-related industries.