Worker in milking parlor.
May 23, 2017

Texas Moving Up to #5 Dairy State 

 |  By: Jim Dickrell

In March and April, Texas milk production surpassed 1 billion lb each month—the first time the state has surpassed that level since records were first kept in 1930.

“[March and April] are the first time we have surpassed the billion pound mark in any month that we have on record for Texas,” says Jason Hardegree, the Livestock Estimates Group Leader with the Southern Plains Regional Field Office of USDA’s National Agricultural Statistics Service.

In April, Texas milk production surged 12.8% from the previous year; in March, it was up 16.4% from year earlier.

Texas is now on pace to become the #5 dairy state. On a monthly basis, it surpassed Pennsylvania in August of last year and has been gaining ground ever since. That’s despite the fact that Pennsylvania is currently home to 15,000 more dairy cows. Milk per cow is the difference, with Texas getting 2,010 lb/cow in April compared to Pennsylvania cows producing 1,805 lb. But Texas has also been rapidly adding cows as well, up 45,000 in April over the previous year.