November 30, 2017

Three Views on NAFTA

 |  By: Mike Opperman

The latest round of NAFTA negotiations just ended in Mexico City. Politico provided an update from each side involved in the discussions.

  • From Canada: "We're trying to be flexible and find solutions, but we can't do it within an impractical framework, or a framework that would have severe damage to the Canadian economy," says David MacNaughton, Canada's ambassador to the U.S. in an interview with Politico. "I think we've made it very clear to [U.S. Trade Representative Robert] Lighthizer and everybody else, we will never agree to something that's going to have the effect of damaging the Canadian economy." MacNaughton bristled at the inference that Canada is not offering serious alternatives to U.S. proposals. 
  • From Mexico: "At some point in the negotiation we have to start clearing up the field of many obstacles that have been placed during the process and to show clearly how possible balance can be defined. We are just starting the process of looking at what's next," says Ildefonso Guajardo, Mexican economy secretary. Mexico may be ready to consider compromise on some of the U.S. proposals.
  • From the U.S.: "Right now, Congress is working to enhance trade relations with our southernmost neighbor to advance our shared priorities," says Paul Ryan, Speaker of the House. "I expect the administration will continue to work with us to modernize NAFTA and bolster our robust relationship with such an important ally." He's largely been quiet on NAFTA, but is beginning to prepare for potential Congressional involvement.