Top 5 Business Management Articles of 2019
December 16, 2019

Top 5 Business Management Articles of 2019

 |  By: Taylor Leach

As we wrap up 2019, check out our most popular business management articles of the year!

5. 8 Tips For Managing A Bigger Milk Check

The forecast for milk prices through the end of the year is positive, for once, which is good news to dairy producers who have suffered through the milk price doldrums for the better part of five years. But a little bigger milk check brings decisions on what to do with the extra cash.

Here are eight ways to get your business right again and help you prepare for when prices eventually turn south.

4. So Your Child Wants To Dairy?

One of the greatest commercials ever produced was the Dodge commercial from a few years ago titled “God Made A Farmer.” It aired during the Super Bowl and instantly became the anthem for the nostalgia that represents the American farmer.

The farmer Paul Harvey talks about in that ad closely resembles my dad. He could probably shoe a horse with a hunk of car tire, as Mr. Harvey says, and he did work all day and then go to off to school board meetings.

3. Milk Source Fosters A Culture Of Respect And Leadership

Managing one dairy has its own set of challenges. Try managing 10 dairy operations across four states with more than 640 employees like Milk Source does.

Milk Source has proven managing that many operations doesn’t mean the challenges of managing an individual dairy are magnified tenfold. Instead, putting the right protocols in place, the right people to manage them and a culture of respect and leadership multiplies success across all the dairy sites.

2. Brothers Prepare To Take Over The Family Farm

Jared and Josh Lund spent their childhood working, playing and learning about life on their family’s Idaho dairy. Started by their parents in 1989, the dairy has grown from its original size to now accommodate 2,000 milking cows on two facilities. This year, the boys solidified their commitment to the farm, becoming partners with their dad and forming J3 farms. Jared, 26, manages the cows, Josh, 24, runs the farming and their dad handles the business side.

The Lunds are in lock step with the rest of the dairy industry in figuring out a succession plan for their farm business.

1. These Three Disruptors Are Changing The Dairy Industry

When change happens, we can either embrace it or resist it. Those who are able to evaluate and be receptive to change tend to evolve and grow their business over time. The change resistors tend to stay the same and watch from the sidelines as the industry passes them by.

There are disruptors in the dairy industry that cause change to happen. Tim Taylor, CEO of Valley Agricultural Software (VAS), outlined three of these disruptors at the Connect Summit held in June.