June 5, 2018

USDA Issues Three Months Of MPP Payments

 |  By: Mike Opperman

On June 4 USDA began issuing payments for producers enrolled in the Margin Protection Program (MPP). Margins in February, March and April triggered payments for producers covered at the $7, $7.50 and $8 premium levels. The table shows the amount paid at each level.


Margin trigger

















Recently, USDA extended the sign-up period for enrollment in the program to June 8. As part of changes made to the program earlier this year, payments are calculated on a monthly basis and retroactive back to January 1 so producers who enroll now can still receive payments for 2018 production. Hint: Use the table above to decide if the triggered payment would be worth the premium.


Premiums for MPP participation will not be deducted from payments, instead producers just need to pay them in full by September 4.


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