Girl pouring milk into glass.
June 18, 2018

USDA Readies California For Federal Order

 |  By: Jim Dickrell


The United States Department of Agriculture is getting California ready for its new Federal Order, which goes into effect November 1.


The new order will be the “California Milk Marketing Order #51.” The first advanced prices will be announced Oct. 17.


USDA has launched a new website that will host all pertinent information regarding the new order at It has also named Cary Hunter as the acting marketing administrator for California until a permanent marketing administrator is named. Hunter has 28 years of experience in the Federal Order System, and has been the Marketing Administrator for the Southwest Marketing Order since 2009.


USDA will hold three week-long training sessions for California milk handlers in Ontario July 16-20, in Clovis July 23-27 and in Walnut Creek July 23-27.


“Our goal is to ensure an orderly transition to the FMMO, and in that respect, we have established the following conditions to allow the California dairy industry the necessary flexibility to adjust to the new marketing rules without causing unnecessary producer milk movements,” says Dana Coale, USDA’s Federal Order Deputy Administrator. In preparation for that, she says USDA will:


1. Waive the initial 1-day touch base requirement for any producer (including producers outside California) that regularly supplied a California plant during the previous year.


2. Waive the repooling percentages for the first 3-months of the order. The normal stated levels will apply thereafter.


3. Create a supply plant system consisting of all manufacturing plants that would have been part of the CSO. This system will apply through July 2019 when a new system would normally be requested.


4. Require a supply plant located outside of California to transfer milk to a qualifying plant in order to participate in the California FMMO pool.”


For more information on the California Federal Order,