Sonny Perdue
May 23, 2018

USDA: ‘Trump Is Working To Make Your Life Better’

 |  By: Anna-Lisa Laca

Agriculture Secretary Sonny Perdue is currently making his way through farm country in an RV. His message to producers: “President Trump hears you and is working to make your life better.”

According to Perdue, the Trump administration has proven the president’s commitment to rural America and the American farmer over the past 16-months.

“His pro-growth policies are fueling the economy,” he says. “We’ve seen strong farm exports, illustrating worldwide demand.”

Still, farmers remain concerned, Perdue admits. 

“There’s a good bit of anxiety out there in the farmland with regard to trade,” Perdue says. “President Trump knows that America’s farmers, ranchers, foresters and producers are the ones that feed, fuel and clothe the nation and the rest of the world.”

This statement comes as the President is using strong language to negotiate trade deals with some of America’s most significant agriculture trading partners. Just this week the White House announced a pending trade deal with China which sent commodity markets higher on Monday. For decades China has not played by the rules, Perdue says. 

“China has maintained unwarranted barriers and trade-distorting policies harming U.S. agricultural products, just like it has with many other U.S. goods,” he says. “By finally standing up to China, this administration is seeking better market access for our farmers.”