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June 18, 2019

Use Extreme Vigilance Through Hiring Process

 |  By: Jim Dickrell

Recent animal rights videos again highlight the need for extreme vigilance when hiring employees.


Often, animal rights videos come about as the result of “under cover” activists gaining access to farms via employment. These activists then spend months, even years, recording activities that are either taken out of context or are staged events of animal mistreatment.


The Animal Agriculture Alliance offers these tips when hiring:


Thoroughly screen applicants, verify information and check all references.

• Be cautious of individuals who try to use a college ID, have out-of-state license plates or are looking for short-term work.

• During the interview, look for answers that seem overly rehearsed or include incorrect use of farm terms.

• Search all applicants online to see if they have public media profiles, websites or blogs. Look for any questionable content or connections to activist organizations.

• Require all employees to sign your animal care policy. Provide training and updates on proper animal handling.

• Require employees to report any mishandling of animals to management immediately.

• Be alert for red flags, such as employees who work unusually early or stay late, or go into areas of your operation that are not required for their jobs.


Finally, always trust your gut. If something doesn’t seem right, explore it further. Never cut corners, even if you have to hire someone quickly.


You can find further farm security resources and background on animal rights activist organizations at