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October 11, 2016

Vilsack in Wisconsin to Discuss MPP

 |  By: Wyatt Bechtel

Disaster assistance expected to be top of mind this week as Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack plans a stop at a Wisconsin creamery on Tuesday.

He’s expected to discuss the Margin Protection Program (MPP) and the industry’s concerns about its efficacy.

John Holevoet, director of government affairs at Wisconsin Dairy Business Association, says programs like MPP could work better.

“Had we just stuck with the original numbers in the formula before they were changed because of cost concerns, we would have seen a lot more payouts. The statistics are surprising with how many more people would have received checks underneath that program. The reality is we wouldn't have lost out on cash either,” Holevoet says.

Wisconsin dairy producer Gordon Spiers has utilized MPP and he thinks the program has been a “wreck.”

“We bought a base up 2 years ago and spent money and last year we took the baseline insurance. We have not taken a penny out of it. All we have done is feed it. I believe the program is broken,” Spiers says.

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