September 6, 2019

Week in Review: Five Essential News Updates to Know This Week

 |  By: Brittany Bowman

With Labor Day, it’s been a short week.  However, our wild and wonderful industry has certainly not taken a break.  Here are five news events you should know as we head into the weekend.


#5 “Plant-Based” Crock Shows Toll of FDA Inaction

Have you noticed Country Crock is now labelling its vegetable-oil spread as “plant-based butter”?  Unfortunately, the FDA seems to be turning a blind eye to the requirement this product be labelled “margarine.” It’s cause for concern, and we recommend reading the full story here.

#4 Would a Recession Sink Milk Prices?

The r-word is in the news a lot lately.  Thankfully, experts are saying it may not be as devastating for the dairy industry as the recession of 2008.  Take time to prepare, though, with the full market prediction here.

#3 Coca-Cola to Start Dairy Advisory Council

Have a long commute today, or maybe planning to spend some time in the tractor?  Take time to listen to this AgriTalk podcast on new programs Fair Oaks Farms and Coca-Cola are taking to monitor animal welfare.  It could be inspiration for ways to safeguard your own farm.  Full story here.

#2 Animal Rights Act

If you’ve received a phone call about an animal welfare audit on your farm, think twice before giving personal information.  A dairy farm in Wisconsin was recently targeted by a fraudulent call from animal rights activists. Just in case you needed one more thing to worry about, the full story is here.

#1 California Dairy Farmer Shot Over Employee Dispute

A California dairy farmer was shot at close-range Tuesday, and we send condolences to his family and friends.  While local news reports say the suspect has now been arrested, find the initial coverage from the event here.