week in review
July 19, 2019

Week in Review: Trending Dairy Topics

 |  By: Brittany Bowman

From Presidential platforms to slowly growing prices, a lot has been going on in the dairy industry.  These ten articles are the week's most popular topics and will get you up-to-speed on the latest dairy trends.

#10 Witness Confirms ARM Employee Coerced Fair Oaks Farms Abuse
The plot thickens in the saga of activist video footage of Fair Oaks Farms employees, as a third-party witness has now come forward with claims animal rights activists coerced and encouraged the behavior caught on camera.  While three former employees face charges, only one has been found by authorities.  Full update here.

#9 May Milk Production: See How Your State Fared
Well, dairy prices are far from cheery at the moment, and U.S. milk production is down 0.4% from last year.  However, four states actually saw a slight increase in state production.  Find out how your state fared here.

#8 Dairy Markets Still Hold Optimism
Wishful optimism or excited expectation?  Rising prices of Class III milk and a smaller milk supply were met with cheese prices trending lower this past week.  However, while dairy prices may be lower than hoped, they will still be higher than in the past.  Full analysis here.

#7 Milk’s Biggest Competitor May Surprise You
Ok, we’ll give you the spoiler: it’s bottled water.  But we aren’t going to tell you why.  You’ll have to read the full article here for that.

#6 Does Your Dairy Meet OSHA Heat Stress Requirements?
It’s heating up outside.  Don’t let poor management of heat stress get your farm in regulatory hot water.  Eighty degrees F and 95 degrees F are two important benchmarks in OSHA requirements, and many states are expecting to exceed those temperatures this weekend.  A helpful list of OSHA requirements for supervisors and employees is here.

#5 Vilsack: Chinese Trade Dispute Won’t End Any Time Soon
While Tom Vilsack, President and CEO of the U.S. Dairy Export Council, is optimistic the U.S. Mexico-Canada Agreement will pass, he warns China has the ability to wait two to six years until the U.S. backs off of trade demands.  Full story here.

#4 World Milk Production Tightens
Heat is slowing Europe, and the rainy season is late to India.  Australia’s drought has choked out feed, and poor U.S. prices have dwindled production.  Only two of the world’s 44 milk-producing countries are expected to expand milk herds this year, according to the USDA’s semi-annual report Dairy: World Markets and Trade.  Full story here.

#3 Biden Plan Would Take Ag To Net Zero Emissions
On a tour stop in Iowa, democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden unveiled his rural policy platform.  Among anticipated topics like rural broadband, renewable energy, and exports was a trend towards sustainability with increased regional food system support and a plan for American agriculture to achieve net zero emissions.  Full coverage here.

#2 Which State Lost the Most Dairies in 2018?
The USDA reported 2,731 dairy farmers went out of business in 2018.  Which states lost the most?  Here’s the top 10 list nobody wants to be on and the top 10 list that at least shines a bit of optimism.  See where you state is here.

#1 Trump: Dairy farmers are “over the hump”
If positivity is contagious, dairy farmers should feel inspired from President Trump’s comments during a recent trip to Wisconsin, where he called farmers “great American patriots.”  If history foreshadows the future, dairy farmers should remember a tumultuous last few months of trade disputes.  Will the U.S. Mexico-Canada Agreement live up to Trump’s bold claims?  Full story here.