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April 28, 2020

Wisconsin Will Go Slow in COVID Re-opening

 |  By: Jim Dickrell

Wisconsin Governor Tony Evers (Dem.) says Wisconsin will continue its go-slow approach to re-opening businesses in the state due to COVID-19 pandemic.

Evers has been under heavy pressure by Republicans in the state legislature to re-open the state, who sued the Governor with charges that he used “czar-like powers” in his state-at-home order that runs through May 26. Some prominent Wisconsin dairy farmers have also called for re-opening the state.

But Evers maintains his go-slow approach is working in a video call sponsored by the Professional Dairy Producers of Wisconsin this afternoon. “We need to get COVID-10 under control, and we are getting there,” he says. He says some of the metrics for re-opening could be met within 2 or 3 weeks, and there could be “a start to thoughtfully re-opening our economy.”

But recent outbreaks prove the virus is still active in the state. Nearly 200 workers at a meat processing plant in Green Bay have just recently tested positive, forcing a temporary closure of the plant. And a pork processing plant in Madison has been shuttered.

The state’s strategy has been to test individuals when an outbreak occurs, trace who they have been in contact with, then test those persons, and quarantine all who test positive in hopes of containing the spread. Evers believes the strategy is working.

“Our goal is open things slowly, and get away from the herd mentality where everyone is at risk and get it down to a small number of folks,” he says.

Even when restaurants are allowed to re-open, they will still have to maintain social distancing. “Restaurants will look different, and will serve fewer people at one time. It won’t be tomorrow,” says.

Evers is hopeful schools will be able to re-open in fall. He is also hopeful World Dairy Expo, which is slated to begin its 5-day run September 29, will also be able to be held.