October 8, 2018

Block And Barrels Find Wind In Their Wings

 |  By: Know Your Market

In response to last week's much softer cheese trade, blocks and barrels found some wind in their wings, moving 3 cents higher in blocks to finish at $1.68 while barrels rose only three-quarters of a cent to end the session at $1.37 and a half.


While not a record, the spread between the two still stands at a historically wide 30 and a half cents. The combined volume of blocks and barrels equal that of butter. A total of seven loads caused prices to move 3 cents lower to end the session at $2.26 per pound.


Dry whey gave away a half a cent to end the day at 55 and three quarters. Only one load traded hands. No trades were seen in the Grade A nonfat dry milk session. However, it remained unchanged and finishes once more at 86 cents. 


The average price of Class III milk from now through the end of the year ate down a 2 cent game to finish at $15.96. The first half of 2019 remained unchanged at $15.89 Class IV milk follow the exact same pattern with the remainder of 2018 averaging $15.19 per cwt. and the first half of 2019 averaging $15.35. 


Just one day left until the dairy revenue protection tool becomes available to United States dairyman. As a company, we stand ready to roll that out to producers nationwide. Give us a call with any questions.