July 2, 2018

Cheese and Whey March To Higher Ground

 |  By: Know Your Market

While cheese and whey continued their march to higher ground, Class III markets would have nothing to do with it. Block cheese rose 2 and 3/4 cents on bids alone to move to $1.58

and ¼ cents, whereas barrels rose another 4 cents on 8 loads, moving from seller to buyer to land at $1.53, narrowing the gap to 15 and ¼ cents between it and blocks.


Whey prices rose 1/4 cent to move back to 41 cents while butter prices fell a penny and ½ cents on 14 loads to move to $2.25 and ¼ cents. Grade A nonfat dry milk dropped 3/4 cents to finish at 74 cents with just three loads trading. In spite of higher cheese and whey prices, Class III markets dropped 4 cents in their average from now through the end of December to finish at $15.55.


Class IV markets, on the heels of a softer butter and powder trade, finished down 7 cents in their average from now through the end of the year at a price $14.66 per cwt.


Elsewhere, grain prices continue to struggle on the heels of a bigger acreage report as we await the pending implementation of tariffs this Friday.


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