December 20, 2019

Cheese Prices Back On The Rise

 |  By: Know Your Market

In closing out this week’s dairy market trade, we saw a little more strength on Friday following Wednesday’s and Thursday’s positive results. 

Barrel cheese gained 4 cents after seven loads moved from seller to buyer and closed at $1.66 and ½ cents per lb. For the week, barrel cheese moved 35 loads at an average price of $1.61 and ¾ per lb., down 25 cents from the previous week’s average. 

At today’s close of $1.66 and ½ cents per lb., the barrel cheese market broke 56 and ¼ cents over a two-week span. Cheddar blocks traded twice and a penny higher to $1.86 per lb. Blocks declined 9 and ¼ cents on its weekly trade average compared to the week prior. Butter settled Friday at $2.00 and ½ cents per lb. up a half cent. Grade A nonfat dry milk traded twice and a quarter cent lower. Dry whey moved 15 loads and finished at 31 and ½ cents per lb. Milk markets activity ended with most Class III months in the green. 

January was an exception as it lost 2 cents, however, was down as much as 47 cents at one point in time. February through June prices settled at 8-20 cents stronger while 2nd half 2020 ranged from 3 lower to 5 higher.

The first half 2020 average is offering producers $17.37 per cwt. Class IV milk ended slightly higher as well.