March 16, 2018

Class III Finds Pot O' Gold

 |  By: Know Your Market

Class III milk prices found their little pot of gold in the spot cheese trade on Friday. Barrel cheese rose a penny and a half after 11 loads traded hands prices finished at $1.56 per pound. The volume in Friday's trade accounted for nearly half of the weeks volume as just 15 loads traded in the other four days of the week combined. Block cheese remained unchanged. However, four loads did trade and it finished at $1.58 1/2 per pound. 

Butter dropped three quarters of a cent to $2.21 per pound. Grade A nonfat dry milk rose a quarter cent to 69 cents and spot dry whey mustered up its first trade ever finishing at 29 1/4 cents, up a half cent.

A quick look at weekly average prices had butter at $2.21 /3. Block cheese had an average for the week of $1.56 3/4, barrel cheese was $1.52 2/3, nonfat dry milk was just over 69 cents and dried whey finished at 27 2/3 cents.

As mentioned previously Class III markets rose in April, May, June and July. Prices averaged 15 cents higher, and the average price from now through the end of the year rose 9 cents to $15.22 per cwt. Class four did very little, its average for the balance of the year finishes at $14.13, down a penny.