July 17, 2020

Dairy Markets End The Week Mixed

 |  By: Know Your Market

Block cheese declined 34 cents off of Monday’s high of $3.00, to end the week at $2.66/lb., trading 16 times for the week.  Barrels gained 2.75 cents this week, finishing at $2.43/lb. on 17 trades for the week.  Butter descended 3.75 cents this week to settle at $1.69/lb.  Grade A Nonfat milk closed the week 1 and half a cent lower to $1.00/lb.  Dry whey gained 1.75 cents this week to 33.50 cents/lb.  

Class III milk futures ended the week mixed.  July added 5 cents to $24.28/cwt.  August milk stumbled 21 cents to $22.48/cwt.  September milk fell 7 cents to $19.96. Second half milk ranged from 5 cents higher to 21 cents lower.  Fourth quarter settled at $17.42/cwt.  

Class IV milk was slightly lower today. July remains at $13.82/cwt. August dropped 5 cents to $14.18. September milk lost 7 cents to $14.55/cwt.  

December corn added 2.75 cents to $3.3975/bushel.  November soybeans ascended 4 to $8.95/bushel.  August soybean meal finished 50 cents lower to $286.50/ton.  September Chicago wheat fell half a penny to $5.3475/bushel.  Fats and feeders continued trading higher to end the week.  October live cattle increased 27.5 cents to $106.87/cwt.  October feeders gained 57 cents to $143.32.  August crude oil lost 16 cents to $40.59.