August 30, 2018

Dairy Markets Grow Weary From NAFTA Talks

 |  By: Know Your Market

While talks between Canada, Mexico and the United States continue, the dairy markets grew weary on Thursday. 


Class III markets slid 4 cents in their average for 2019 to settle at $16.16 cents, while the balance of this year slid 5 cents to finish at an average price of $16.45 cents per cwt. Class IV markets were only slightly stronger, rising a penny to an average price for 2019 of $16.6 per cwt. 


A closer look at the CME spot trade had butter prices unchanged, with no trades tendered it again finishes at $2.27 and a quarter. Blocks and barrels, each grew a penny. Blocks did not trade, however they finish at $1.67 and three quarters while barrels did in fact trade eight loads and they finish at $1.62. 


Grade A nonfat dry milk rose three-quarters of a cent after a single load traded from seller to a buyer. It stands at 88 in and quarter. Dry whey once more grows another quarter cent to set a new record of 49 and a quarter cent a pound. Like others it did not trade either.


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