September 20, 2018

Did Kylie Jenner Help The Milk Markets?

 |  By: Know Your Market

While you, I and the rest of the cereal eating universe has enjoyed a bowl in the mornings with some fresh quality, wholesome milk, apparently Kylie Jenner experienced it for the very first time. Poured over her cinnamon toast crunch, it changed her life. 


That was the excitement in the milk market on Thursday, although it did little to inspire the CME spot trade which was unchanged in every single product with the exception of Grade A nonfat dry milk, which dropped a penny and finished at 87 and three-quarters. 


Butter remained unchanged at $2.30 and a half block cheddar was unchanged that $1.61 and a half. Barrel cheddar again finished at $1.39 and dry whey was also unchanged at 52 and a half cents. A total of 14 loads were traded across all five products continuing to trend of scarce volume that is defined the week. 


Class III milk prices saw a little activity as well. The average from now through December finished unchanged at $16.13 while the first half average of rose 3 cents to $15.91. Class IV markets soften with the average from now through the end of the year dropping 6 cents to $15.04.