January 14, 2019

Markets Back In The Green

 |  By: Know Your Market

Blocks rose one and quarter cents to $1.42 and a quarter. Grade A nonfat dry milk rose one and a quarter to $1.04 and quarter. Dry whey rose one cent to 50 and a half cents. The only product down on the day was barrels, losing one and a half cents to $1.23 per lb. And lastly, butter was unchanged at $2.23 and three-quarter cents per lb. 


2019 Class III markets showed losses on Monday anywhere from two to 18 cents, with the most losses in February to April. January was down two cents to $14.05. The first and second half averages are now $15.09 and $16.55. 


2019 Class IV markets were mainly green, showing gains of one to seven cents in March to September. February was the only month in the red, losing three cents at $15.83. 


Grain markets were fairly quiet on Monday. Corn rose a quarter of a cent to $3.78 and quarter in March. January beans expired today and finished down 8 and a quarter cent to $8.90 and six-tenths. The Wheat complex was mainly lower. Chicago was down five cents; Kansas City was down five to six cents and Minneapolis was down three to four cents.