April 11, 2019

Markets Unchanged On Thursday

 |  By: Know Your Market

The CME spot product was fairly quiet on Thursday as most of the products were unchanged. Butter, barrels, and Grade A nonfat dry milk were unchanged on the day. Butter finished at $2.25 ¾. Barrels traded 3 times but was unchanged at $1.59 ½ per lb. Grade a non fat dry milk finished at 98 ¾ with 0 trades, 10 bids and 3 offers. Blocks lost a penny and finished at $1.64 ½ cents and Dry Whey gained a ¼ of a cent to 35 ½ cents. 

Class III Markets fell on Thursday trading anywhere from 5 to 14 cents lower. April fell 6 cents to $15.91, May lost 14 cents to $15.78 and June fell 13 cents to $15.83. 2020 Class III milk also saw losses in months January through April trading 1 to 3 cents lower.

Class IV markets fell 2 to 5 cents in the front months with most contracts unchanged.