March 17, 2019

Milk Prices Fractionally Higher

 |  By: Know Your Market

The CME Spot product trade was fractionally higher and lower at the end of Friday’s session. Butter lost ½ a cent to $2.28 cents averaging just over $2.27 for the week. Blocks were unchanged at $1.56 cents averaging 1.53 for the week, down 3 cents from the week prior. Barrels rose ½ a cent trading 10 times to $1.49 1/4 , which is the highest price we’ve seen since last September. Barrel’s averaged the week at 1.43 ½ up 1 cent from last week. Grade A non fat dry milk rose ½ a cent t0 96 ¾ cents averaging 96 cents for the week. Dry Whey finished down ¼ of a cent to 32 cents averaging 1 cent lower than last week at 33 cents.

Class 3 markets were not so friendly on Thursday trading anywhere from 1 to 22 cents lower. Most of the losses were seen in April through September. March fell 1 cent to 14.94,  april fell 21 cents to 14.88 and May fell 22 cents to 15.11. The remainder of the first half average is 15.09 and the second half average is now 16.19.

Class 4 markets were mixed trading anywhere from 4 cents lower to 3 cents higher but only in the months of April to July. The rest of the months were unchanged.