May 21, 2019

Milk Prices Give Back Gains

 |  By: Know Your Market

Global Dairy Trade event 236 Tuesday saw our fist decline in overall value since November 2018. The overall index fell 1.2% driven by a 3.2% lower price in Butter, a drop of 2.1% on Whole Milk Powder, and Anhydrous milk fat fell 1.4%. Cheddar Cheese index however, rose 15.2%. This is the largest jump in cheese value in the GDT since February of 2015. Skim milk powder was half of a percentage point higher to $1.22/lb, and Rennet Casein rose 5.1% .

The CME spot product trade had a similarly mixed day. Butter lost 1 ¼ cents to $2.32 ¾, Cheddar Blocks gained ¾ of a cent to $1.68 /lb but Cheddar barrels fell 2 ¼ cents to $1.60 ¼.

Grade A Non Fat Dry Milk gain a quarter of a cent to $1.04 ¾ and Dry whey was up 2 cents to $0.34/lb even. 

Class III milk gave back some of its gains from late last week. May was even at $16.29/cwt, but June fell 7 cents to $16.44. The second half months lost 12-17 cents to fall off our $17 average to $16.88. $17 continues to be a strong resistance to rallying milk prices.

Class IV milk was unchanged in May to 16.28, July fell 10 cents ot 16.94 and August fell 14 cents to $17.08/cwt.

For Commodity Risk Management Group, this is Jenny Wackershauser on know your markets. 


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