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March 6, 2017

More Milk, More Dairy Products

Top Story  |   |  By: Know Your Market

On Thursday of last week the USDA, by way of the National Agriculture Statistics Service (NASS), released their monthly dairy products report. This report highlights the production, stocks and shipments of a multitude of dairy products.  Of greatest interest in the January numbers were the usual suspects of cheese, butter, nonfat dry milk and whey products.

For the month, total cheese output was 1.04 billion pounds. That was down 1.2% from December’s numbers but 3.7% above January 2016. This helps to explain the growth that continued in cold storage numbers as were released a couple of weeks ago. Class by class, Italian cheeses were up 3.8% from January 2016, while American cheese was up 3%.

Butter showed a slightly different pattern. Its production rose 8.5% over December of this past year, but was only 1.2% above January 2016. A total of 178 million pounds were produced.

The production of dry whey was down 1.3%, while whey protein concentrate was up 2.6%.

Nonfat dry milk was up a whopping 13.1%, totaling 155 million lbs.

The theme in all of this: more milk equals more products.