November 21, 2018

There Is Much To Be Thankful For, Despite Low Prices

 |  By: Know Your Market

As dairy market participants prepare for the Thanksgiving holiday with their families, one of the things that they will likely be grateful for is for a break in a market that's been less than exciting. Wednesday's trade defined that very notion. Block cheese was 1/2 cent higher after three loads moved from seller to buyer to finish at $1.34 1/2 while barrels were down a penny closing at $1.24 after just a pair of loads were traded. Butter dropped 2 1/4 cents after four loads moved from seller to buyer. It finishes at $2.28 a pound while grade A nonfat dry milk rose a penny on 11 loads to finish at 89 cents. Dried whey saw seven loads trade hands, prices moved 1/2 cent higher and now finish at 42 1/2 cents.

A mixed product trade did little to invigorate the Class III milk market where the average price of the first half of 2019 dropped 6 cents to $15.09 per cwt while the second half of next year's calendar dropped 3 cents to $16.26. Class IV followed a similar pattern with the first half dropping 6 cents as well to $15.27 per cwt  while the second half of the year move a penny higher to close at $16.24.

As we all prepare to gather with our own families we are reminded once more that despite the markets there is much to be grateful for.

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