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April 16, 2018

U.S. Dairy On NAFTA: Why Can't We Be Friends?

 |  By: Anna-Lisa

In this live Barn Buzz chat,’s Shaun Haney and I chat about NAFTA 2.0 and what the dairy access into Canada might look like.

Basically he says Canadians know they will have to give the U.S. some market access to get NAFTA done but what that might look like is still unclear.

Also, he reminds us that an “agreement in principle” is really just another sign of progress, it’s not an actual agreement and that several years passed from the time Canada and the EU had an “agreement in principle” to the time an actual agreement was signed.

Great chat, we did it on Facebook Live and my internet connection must have been wonky because my video is really fuzzy.

Happy Monday, folks!



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