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04 Dec, 2019

Conservation Can Put Dollars In Dairy Farmers’ Pockets, Report Shows

Data | By: Rhonda Brooks

Partnerships, both formal and informal, can help dairy farmers in their efforts to adopt conservation measures to improve soil and water quality.

02 Dec, 2019

What Does the Typical California Dairy Farm Look Like?

Data | By: Jim Dickrell

More than 40% of herds still have fewer than 500 cows.

05 Nov, 2019

By the Numbers: Dairy Prices Highest in Five Years

Data | By: Brittany Bowman

Here’s a visualization of feed price, farmers’ milk payments and retail price.

16 Oct, 2019

How To Effectively Use Video Monitoring On The Dairy

Data | By: Brittany Bowman

Practical advice on dairy video systems from a dairy farmer, an IT specialist and an Extension specialist.

09 Sep, 2019

Demystify Data So Employees Can Understand It

Data | By: Milk Author

Make the data mountain manageable by keeping information organized.

09 Aug, 2019

Here Are The 25 Counties With The Most Cows

Data | By: Mike Opperman

The West dominates the counties with the most cows. California is home to 6 of the top 10 counties. 

14 Dec, 2018

Wisconsin Dairies Cut In Half Since 2003

Data | By: Taylor Leach

Wisconsin has said goodbye to 638 dairy herds in 2018 alone.

15 Nov, 2018

Clinical Mastitis: The Five-minute Microbiology Lesson

Data | By: Portia Stewart

You’re feeling the urge to administer antibiotics. But is it the best choice? It’s a tough call, but Dr. Linda Tikofsky says proceed with caution.

07 Nov, 2018

Markets, Labor and Tech: What's On The Minds Of Dairy Farmers?

Data | By: Anna-Lisa Laca

Spoiler alert: despite a host of challenges, most producers are optimistic about their futures.

10 Oct, 2018

How One Farmer Evaluates Tech ROI

Data | By: Anna-Lisa Laca

When evaluating new technology, Brian Houin of Homestead dairy says the first thing you need to figure out when evaluating new technology is how it will improve your business.