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10 Jul, 2017

Cost of Production Continues Upward

Data | By: Alison Wedig

USDA Releases May's Milk Cost of Production Estimate

01 Dec, 2016

Which State Had The Highest Cost of Production in 2016?

Data | By: Anna-Lisa Laca

Cost of production is the No. 1 factor dairy farmers can use to control profits.

17 Oct, 2016

It May Not Be Wise to Raise Every Heifer

Data | By: Mike Opperman

Not every heifer is better than a potential cull cow.

30 Aug, 2016

Corn Silage Pricing App Makes its Timely Debut

Data | By: Ben Potter

In time for the 2016 corn silage harvest is a new app developed by two University of Wisconsin Extension agents that will help farmers quickly estimate the value of their standing corn silage.

01 Apr, 2016

VIDEO: First-Generation Farmer Leans On Data For Success

Data | By: Anna-Lisa Laca

First-generation dairyman Steve Whitesides of Whitesides Dairy in Rupert, Idaho, milks 8,000 cows on his Idaho and Hawaii dairies, which he runs with son Derek.

10 Mar, 2016

USDA Releases NAHMS 2014 Dairy Study

Data | By: Jim Dickrell

The 2014 study contains few surprises, but it does identify potential areas to improve management.