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25 Aug, 2020

Tight Times? Make Sure You’re Living Within Your Means

Finance | By: Jennifer Shike

In times of tighter margins, it’s more important than ever to know that you are living within your means. Just as every farm is unique, so is every family’s needs when it comes to living standards.



24 Apr, 2020

SBA Programs Could Become Critical for Dairy Farmers

Finance | By: Anna-Lisa Laca

President Trump signed Congress’ latest coronavirus aid package which replenishes new small business loan programs that were overwhelmed by demand when they were first offered earlier this month as part of the CARES Act. 

22 Apr, 2020

Start Working Financials Now

Finance | By: Jim Dickrell

Calculating your equity burn rate is critical.

28 Feb, 2020

Paul Neiffer: These Retirement Tax Laws Changes Could Affect You

Finance | By: The Farm CPA

As part of the government funding bill passed in December 2019, Congress elected to make several changes to the tax law.

10 Nov, 2019

Three Economists Challenge Thinking About Dairy's Future

Finance | By: Milk Author

At the 2019 MILK Business Conference, these economists will use past and current trends to identify what we need to do as an industry to be successful down the road.

01 Nov, 2019

Farm Bankruptcy Filings Are 24% Over Year-Ago Levels

Finance | By: Rhonda Brooks

Farm income will total $88 billion in 2019, according to the USDA. 

18 Oct, 2019

Rural Bankers' Economic Confidence Dips to Two-Year Low

Finance | By: Sara Schafer

The near-term rural economy is improving slightly, according to the Rural Mainstreet Index(RMI).

24 Sep, 2019

Review Financials Monthly

Finance | By: Jim Dickrell

Stay ahead to make decisions as needed

12 Sep, 2019

Prepare Your Finances For 2020

Finance | By: Anna-Lisa Laca

Bankers and analysts alike agree that producers should use this time to prepare their finances for 2020.

30 Aug, 2019

Would A Recession Sink Milk Prices?

Finance | By: Mike Opperman

Tight supplies should make dairy relatively recession proof.