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01 Sep, 2020

5 Ways to Nurture Job Candidates

Labor | By:

Do you have trouble getting job enough applicants, getting the right talent to apply, have a high candidate drop-off or high turnover? The experience the candidates have during your hiring process could be to blame!

12 Jun, 2020

Use Video in Job Postings to Recruit Top Talent

Labor | By: Sara Schafer

Short videos can showcase your work environment and attract top talent when included in job postings.

27 May, 2020

Does Your Dairy Meet OSHA Heat Stress Requirements?

Labor | By: Anna-Lisa Laca

The following are Cal/OSHA rules for helping employees avoid heat stress when the temperature exceeds 80 degrees F.

22 May, 2020

3 Reasons Every Employer Should Have a COVID Response Plan

Labor | By: Margy Eckelkamp

Specific to COVID-19, the OSHA guidelines borrow a lot of language from the CDC guidelines, but they are specific to workplaces. 

13 Mar, 2020

COVID-19 Fact Sheet for Dairy Workers Available in Spanish, English

Labor | By: Anna-Lisa Laca

Tools to arm your employees with information instead of fear. 

13 Mar, 2020

5 Crisis Planning Tips to Combat COVID-19

Labor | By: Anna-Lisa Laca

According to Lyle Orwig of Charleston|Orwig widely known for his expertise in crisis management, there are few things every farm can do to limit the impact of COVID-19 to their farms. 

27 Feb, 2020

“The Dark Side” – Fear-Based Leadership

Labor | By: Elizabeth Griffith

Have you ever considered what the repercussions of fear-based leadership are?

03 Feb, 2020

Are Robots A Solution For Mid-Sized Dairies?

Labor | By: Jim Dickrell

"The reality is that the labor savings have to pay for the robot cost,” says Joel Albright, Willard, Ohio.

21 Jan, 2020

Protocols: Turning the “Why Should We Do It?” to “Why We Do It”

Labor | By: Taylor Leach

While the idea of writing protocols may sound simple, having them executed correctly can prove to be more of a challenge.

03 Jan, 2020

88% Of Farmers Find Employees Using This One Method

Labor | By: Rhonda Brooks

Stiff competition for good employees means farmers need to use a variety of methods to identify, hire and retain them.