Condensed Milk

Continuous improvement is better than delayed perfection.” – Mark Twain

Are Dairy Markets Stable Right Now? Heading into 2017, there was a lot of discussion about market recovery and improved milk prices. While prices have improved, milk production increases could cap how high prices will go. Bryan Doherty of Stewart Peterson told AgDay host Clinton Griffiths cheap feed, a growing herd and world market situations making the U.S. market look attractive have all lead to increased production. Farmers aren’t making money hand over fist, but most are stable at current prices. “As we’ve talked to producers some are making money and some say they aren’t losing money but kind of status quo,” he said. Producers haven’t let mediocre prices keep them from making more milk. “The unfortunate part about that is farmers produce more to try and produce their way out of poor prices,” he said. “The net result will be likely increased production in 2017 probably 2-2.5%.” Unfortunately, that could mean a cap in prices or even a potential price slide, according to Doherty.

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